What's new in F.X.C.G.

Time passes like water and we realized that it has been more than a year since we decided to launch our educational project under the brand F.X.C.G. Education.  

First of all, let us thank you on behalf of our entire team for your trust and cooperation. You have given us constructive feedbacks throughout the whole time and have shown us daily that we are on the right track.

The result of our work together is an ever-expanding group of students, among whom more and more more full-time traders and numbers obtained by informed accounts at companies such as FTMO.

Working with you fulfills us and your successes drive us forward. It's nice to see your progressive journey that we can be a part of. That's why we decided to summarize what we've done recently and what new things we are currently working on. You can enjoy. It's going to be a blast!


Every one of our students has already experienced that the first building block of our long-term cooperation is the completion of 3 levels of our courses, which we have brought to the necessary level so that the student who has passed them is ready to responsibly take care of his capital on the FX market.

We've simplified the learning process for you by taking much of the face-to-face training online so you can get the information you need from the comfort of your own home. This has also allowed us to consolidate the knowledge of our students into face-to-face courses, which is much more efficient and gives us more time to focus on individual issues.

News for you preparing the next chapters to online coursesthat you will find useful. We want to focus more on the real trades chapter, where we will share trades and their management back to you to make the learning process a bit more efficient again.


We are often asked if it is possible to attend a personal course more than once. We understand that becoming a profitable trader is a long journey and we have good news for you. Soon we will give you the opportunity to repeat our courses! Follow us to be informed about the next dates. Our full-time traders will be available to consult with you on your progress during the refresher courses.


We place great emphasis on long-term cooperation. That's why this year we've selected the very best of our long-term students to help us shape our vision and look after your needs.

Here we present them to you: Daniel Machovský, Jakub Milčák and Tomáš Babušík.

It is a great pleasure to have these students participate in our personal VICI courses and to pass on their experience and insights on trading to you.


Fundamental analysis has long been seen as an often overlooked part of trading among students. That is why we have responded to your request and created a telegram group that deals purely with fundamental market analysis.

By being a member of this group you receive hot news, what is currently happening in the world, and projections of the likely impact on markets. regular Monday summary of what happened in the last trading week and what we're currently looking at.

It usually takes a couple of hours a day to go through the individual reports and fundamentals. That's why we're glad we can save you time so you can do what you enjoy and still be fully up to date!

The super bomb is that the students of the personal course VICI have this access for free!


We want you to do well. Every day we see your interest in progress and improvement. That's why we will soon offer you the opportunity to a personal mentorwho will walk with you through the journey from the very beginning of trading all the way to getting a funded account or managing your own capital!


We are team players and a group of friends who share similar values and interests. That's why we go on holidays together and participate in interesting and fun events with our partners.

One of them is the guys from the company Držvolantwho teach us to drift and help us improve our skills with racing cars. And because we love supersports and it's our hobby, we regularly use the guys from Držvolant for our events with students!


One of our big visions. We decided to build a stable and strong base for us where we can realize ourselves.

What's going on?

We are building a trading floor where we will share our luxurious space with the best traders from us, and you can be one of them! The entire area will be designed to efficiently and adequately meet the daily needs of a trader. In addition to the trading room, where our best students will be seated and have the opportunity to get their funded account from us, you will also find a gym and a relaxation room with gaming consoles and racing simulators.

Above all, it's about community!

Every day we will meet the best of our traders and monitor the markets together to maximize everyone's progress!

There is a lot of hard work behind us and a lot of work still to do.

You can look forward to all this exciting news and much more!

Thanks for your support!

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