About us

We have been trading Forex since 2013. Thanks to our rich experience and our own strategy we evaluate in the long term our resources and we work with a number of companies and individuals.

How F.X.C.G. works

We use our own strategy and strict financial management when trading currencies. Thanks to this we minimise risk and we are able to steadily leverage our resources. Moreover, we are happy to share our know-how.

We use analysis

We have many years of experience

We trade safely

We educate ourselves and others

How F.X.C.G. was founded

Although F.X.C.G. was officially established in 2019, its roots go back to 2013. It was then that one of its founders - Radek Babčan - started forex trading.
Two years later Jakub Kania joined him and together they completed a series of training and coursesthat helped them to deepen their knowledge and better understand forex trading.
Nevertheless, each of them initially engaged in currency trading separately. It wasn't until 2017 that they decided to join forces and resources, which allowed them to further increase revenue. Thus, they started a joint venture that led to the formation of F.X.C.G. SE in 2019.
As trading was successful, the following year the company expanded its operations and the two subsidiaries - F.X.C.G. Education, which specializes in educational courses in the field of forex trading, and F.X.C.G. Alpha.
F.X.C.G. continues to grow. This is made possible by a proven business strategy that delivers long-term growth, as well as rigorous financial management, with every deal maximum 1 % of capital F.X.C.G.
The company also continues to training of new forex traders and in the successful appreciation of its resources.
We're not here to sell you dreams of luxury cars or getting rich quick. As experienced traders, we've seen it all, the ups and downs, the wins and losses.Our mission is to share our knowledge and help you navigate the world of forex trading with confidence.Have you taken a VIDI course? What do you think? 🤗#fxcg #forextrading #forexlife #tradingfloor #fxcgtradingfloor #workspace #tradershub#workshop #course #fxcg #forex #forexeducation #fxcourse #businesspeople #trading #money #profit #trader #fxmarket #fx #foreignexchange #fxtrader #fxcgeducation #study #keepstudy #motivation #penize #work #selfconfidence #businessgrowth #venividivici
Attention, attention! 💥 On WEDNESDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 2024 AT 1:00 PM we will announce a new date for the in-person course!👉 You can find the new date at the same time here on our Instagram, website and also in our public discord group.👉 Then just open the VIDI member section, click on the VICI order at the end of the course and fill out the order form.👉 And once you pay for VICI, no one will take your place away! 📈🎯🎉#forextrading #forexlife #tradingfloor #fxcgtradingfloor #workspace #tradershub #workshop #workshop #course #fxcg #forex #forexeducation #fxcourse #businesspeople #trading #money #profit #trader #fxmarket #fx #foreignexchange #fxtrader #fxcgeducation #study #keepstudy #motivation #penize #work #selfconfidence #businessgrowth #venividivici
It's not just about money. It's about the freedom to trade anytime, anywhere. Open your doors with FXCG Education.
Do you want to get started on Forex quickly and without a big investment? 💥 Jump into our VENI course - absolutely FREE! We'll give you a 90 minute crash course on what you need to know, videos to kick you off, and a quiz to see if it's your cup of tea. For anyone who wants to know how to do it, without all the bullshit. Link to the course in BIO.
Yesterday's VICI course was excellent! 🙌🏻 Thank you very much everyone and good luck! 🔥🚀
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