About us

We have been trading Forex since 2013. Thanks to our rich experience and our own strategy, we have been evaluating our resources for a long time and cooperate with many companies and individuals.

How F.X.C.G. works

We use our own strategy and strict financial management when trading currencies. As a result, we minimise risk and are able to consistently capitalise on our resources. Moreover, we are happy to share our know-how.

We use analysis

We have many years of experience

We trade safely

We educate ourselves and others

How F.X.C.G. was founded

Although F.X.C.G. was officially founded in 2019, its roots date back to 2013. It was then that one of its founders - Radek Babu010dan - started forex trading.
Two years later, Jakub Kania joined him and together they completed a series of training courses and courses that helped them to deepen their knowledge and better understand forex trading.
Nevertheless, each of them initially engaged in currency trading separately. It wasn't until 2017 that they decided to combine their forces and resources, which allowed them to further increase their revenues. Thus, they started a joint venture that led to the formation of F.X.C.G. SE in 2019.
Since the trading was successful, the following year the company expanded its activities and two subsidiaries were established - F.X.C.G. Education, which specializes in educational courses in the field of forex trading, and F.X.C.G. Alpha.
F.X.C.G. continues to grow. This is made possible by a proven business strategy that delivers long-term growth and strict financial management, with no more than 1% of F.X.C.G.' s capital going into each deal.
The firm also continues to train new forex traders and successfully capitalise on its funds.
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