Grand Opening of Trading Floor: presentation of donations to support sports and premature babies

On Saturday 19.11.2022 the long-awaited Grand Opening of our Trading Floor in Moravany u Brna, where we had the honour to hand over some donations in the form of financial cheques.

The first donation was made in cooperation with Fund for premature babieswhere we decided to support Ellinka Chernoskovawho was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (dyskinetic form) in her year, which is practically incurable.

You can read her story here:

The aim of the fund is to help families of premature babies who find themselves in a difficult financial and psychological situation.

The Foundation always helps a specific family and their specific need related to a premature baby, such as:

  • allowance for special food and hygiene products
  • contribution to medical aids
  • and other allowances associated with hospitalizations and follow-up care

If you also want to contribute, you can do so through this website:

Because we also like to support sports clubs and young talented athletes, the second cheque went to a young karate player Teodor Brancik from the association OSPPRTK - Civic Association for the Support of the Development of Traditional Karate. At his young age, Teodor is excelling in international competitions and we wish him lots of success!

We are very happy to be able to present these cheques at our Grand Opening in this way and contribute to a good cause.

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