December Mentoring Students Meeting

We spent the pre-Christmas time recapping our year and our students' studies. On this occasion, we held a reunion at our Trading Floor our students from the personal mentoring sessions, which brought together the best students from all our mentors - Tomáš Babušík, Daniel Machovský, Ondřej Sedlák and David Jaroš.

We spent time together mainly on how well everyone was doing. We also shared our experiences, successes and challenges in the field of trading. The atmosphere of the meeting was enhanced by excellent catering.

In the framework of this meeting we awarded several top students with certificates that highlight their skills and competencies in tradingthat they have achieved through our courses and mentoring. A big congratulations to these talented individuals:

Students by Tomas Babusik:

  • Jan Škaloud
  • Zbyněk Vlk
  • Petr Heřman
  • Stefan Agh

Students by Daniel Machovský:

  • Viktor Ďurčanský
  • Tomas Prokop
  • Arnošt Kříž

These certificates are not just a piece of paper, but a reflection of hard work, dedication and achievements in the business world. We are proud of our students and hope that they will continue on their path to professional trading. Congratulations and we look forward to many more moments together!

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