Summary of the most interesting economic events from the trading week of February 5 - 11, 2024

Monday's recap is out! Join us as we recap the highlights of what happened over the past week.


Last week, we received mostly PMI and retail sales data from the euro area, which turned out to be negative for the euro.


Compared to the worse Eurozone PMIs, we saw better data from the UK, which was positive for the Pound.


On Thursday we turned our attention to the traditional new US unemployment claims, which were very surprising and positive for the USD. The number of Americans who filed for unemployment benefits fell to 218k.


A Canadian rode the wave of more positive news from the US labour market at the end of the week. The unemployment rate dropped from 22 months in January. highs to 5.7 %. This beat market expectations and the result eased concerns that high interest rates were slowing the Canadian economy.


The Czech koruna lost ground during the week. The unemployment rate in the Czech Republic rose to 4 %. This is the highest since April 2021 and above the market estimate.

What's in store for us this week?

The new trading week will start slowly as Japan has a holiday on Monday. More interesting data will come on Tuesday, where we will focus on the UK labour market (8:00) and Swiss inflation (8:30). In the afternoon, we will turn our attention to the current inflation rate in the US (14:30).


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