F.X.C.G. news

We're already into the third quarter of the year and we'd like to share with you some of the exciting things we've done during this period and what you can look forward to in the near future!

Trading floor and personal courses

The construction of our trading floor is nearing the finish line and we have announced the first two dates of the VICI personal courses, which will be held in the new premises!

Personal courses will get an even bigger boost as we will make the most of our modern facilities and increase the capacity of places on individual courses.

We are very pleased to see that our students are doing well and that there is an increasing interest in the courses. Proof of this is that when new course dates were announced, we often had them filled almost immediately.

Next dates of the trading floor: 5.11.2022 and 6.11.2022

Content extension in VIDI

We place great emphasis on giving you as much knowledge and experience as possible to help you become profitable in the long term.

We are currently working on expanding and improving the VIDI online course. You can look forward to new tutorial videos, more examples from real trading, or chapter extensions.

Self-reflection and evaluating your results are integral not only for new traders, so we've already added new content to the members section to help you do just that. And that's the whole Chapter no. 12 - Business diary!

Personal guidance

Due to the high interest in attending personal courses and a more individual approach, we have decided to launch mentoring programmewhich gives you the opportunity to use our time on a regular basis to refine the steps in your business process so that together we can find the mistakes that are holding you back in the long term!

Sponsorship and events

We had the honour to become the main partners of the Blackout festival, which took place in September in Olomouc, and at the same time sponsors of the CZECH PGA TOUR 2022 golf tournament at Kaskáda, where the highest domestic professional series of the season ended.

Because we are no strangers to sports and we like to support skilled athletes and their clubs, we decided to support the Brno boxing team SPB Boxing Brno.

The foundations of this team are with the former MTM boxing team Brno, which has been on the Czech boxing scene since 2017, when it managed to raise one national champion and one vice-champion in cadets.

We are glad that we could support one of the Brno table tennis clubs SKST Nový Lískovec Brno, which last season managed to get 3 teams out of 6 to higher competitions and opened the door to the region after several years.

Thank you for an amazing season and we wish you success!

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