Beware of FAKE accounts!

Because your safety and our reputation is important to us, we have decided to inform you through this article about the occurrence of fake accounts being created in our names!

We will never write to you like this FIRST!

Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of fake social media accounts (especially Instagram) that are used to reach our friends and followers.

These "writers", especially after the news, offer various forms of "cooperation" in the form of deposits or other payments for education in trading, forex, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Unfortunately, these fake accounts are often almost indistinguishable from our official accounts, but if you are observant, you can spot a FAKE.

Here are some tips on how to spot such an account:
  • Modified name (in most cases by one or more characters to resemble the official user profile as closely as possible)


Official profile: jackob_fx

Fake: jackobf_fx

  • "Skeletal" conversation (account communicates in another language and with poor grammar)
  • Addressing (if you know us and you're chatting with us, you might find it a bit suspicious that we'll be calling you 😊)
  • Investment and deposit offers (we do not make any such offers)

As we have had negative experiences of a few of our friends being "tricked" in this way, please approach such situations with caution and first check if we are really writing to you.

Here is a list of our main instagram profiles that we use:
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