We attended the trading conference of the year!

On Saturday 13. November 2021, the first big trading conference of our partner Purple Trading which celebrated its 5th anniversary on this occasion. Birthday.

It was a great pleasure for us to participate in this extraordinary event, where among the most famous personalities of the Czech trading scene we could also inspire trading enthusiasts with our performance and be available to them all day long.

The schedule of the day was really filled with a number of lectures on various topics of trading strategies, experiences and, after all, there was also a window for psychology.

Our performance followed the theme of the trader's journey. How to overcome difficult and uncertain beginnings, wrong decisions, and how to develop into a full-time trader despite the lack of training materials and courses on the Czech market. You have learned from us what difficulties we overcame in our early days and how we coped with the fact that we did not know anyone who really made a long-term living in trading.

At the end of the program you could also watch our panel discussion where we answered a number of interesting questions from traders at any level.

In the video below you can find the full video of the conference, where you can from time to time 1:51:15 watch our entire presentation, which will surely inspire not only traders who want to quit their jobs and dive headfirst into trading, but also those of you who want to get started and have trouble separating the wheat from the chaff. Or professional traders from marketers.

We believe that we will continue to be a living inspiration for you and proof that despite all these obstacles, trading can be done honestly and professionally.

Thank you Purple Trading for the invitation and we look forward to more events together!

We also look forward to seeing all students at our in-person courses! We post the latest info on our social media. You can also find out about available dates at www.fxcg-education.cz

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