Summary of the most interesting economic events from the trading week 9. - 15. May 2022

Welcome to Monday's summary of the most important economic events.

Although last week was modest on fundamentals, the CNB moved the markets!

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Christine Lagarde (ECB President) signalled a gradual rise in interest rates without a ceiling in her speech on Wednesday.


The UK offered us a bit more new data. We focused our attention mainly on UK GDP, which did not turn out to be particularly optimistic:

  • annual GDP - current: 8.7% / previous: 6.6%


The US dollar has had a fairly eventful week, rising again.

At the beginning of the week, we were able to watch the speeches of the members of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee - a body of the Fed), on which we focused our attention.


The domestic currency has had a really volatile week. Wednesday's appointment of Ales Michl as the new CNB Governor started a significant depreciation of the koruna.

What's in store for the current trading week?

The current trading week will definitely bring us a much bigger dose of interesting data from around the world.

On Tuesday, the RBA publishes the minutes of its monetary policy meeting, we get updates on the UK labour market and Eurozone GDP. The evening speech by Fed chief J. Powell will definitely be interesting. At the end of the week, we will also turn our attention to the Australian labour market.

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