Summary of the most interesting economic events from the trading week 27. February - 3. March 2023

Welcome to our regular Monday recap of the most important fundamentals we focused on in the last trading week.

Included is an outlook of events we can expect to see this week.

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On Thursday, we focused on the incoming data from the Eurozone regarding inflation and unemployment, which was broadly positive for the euro.


We are starting to get somewhat stronger data out of the UK lately and the proof of this is last week's PMIs, which came out surprisingly well.


As far as US data is concerned, the week ended with only PMI data, which was positive for the USD on the whole.


Tuesday's retail sales data in Australia rose 1.9% year-on-year in January 2023, beating market estimates of 1.5%.


On Tuesday, we still got the latest data from retail sales in Japan, which rose 6.3% in January 2023.

And what's in store for the current trading week?

On Tuesday (4:30), we turn our attention to the RBA meeting, where the RBA is expected to raise the base rate by 25 basis points.

There's a bit more to come that could bring volatility to the markets, so we'll be watching the announcement to keep you in the loop!


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