Summary of the most interesting economic events from the trading week 26. - 30. September 2022

Welcome to our regular Monday recap of the most important events worth remembering.

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At the end of last week, we turned our attention to inflation in the euro area, which rose and reached double digits for the first time in history.


At the turn of last week, we saw the so-called "free fall" of the British Pound (GBP). GBP will be on Friday 23.9. and then on Monday 25.9. came under selling pressure.


The topic of intervention in the Japanese currency market has been recurring a lot in recent days. We received more comments during the week that told us more.


On Thursday, the CNB Board left interest rates unchanged at 7% for the second consecutive day.

And what's in store for the current trading week?

This week we have two central bank meetings (RBA and RBNZ).


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