Summary of the most interesting economic events from the trading week 24. - 30. April 2023

Welcome to our regular Monday recap of the most important events we focused on in the last trading week.

The latter was somewhat dead on new incoming data, but a few things happened anyway that are good to remember.

Read on to keep up to date!


The week kicked off with a speech by ECB Executive Board member Isabel Schnabel, who mentioned that a 50bp rate hike is not off the table at the central bank's next meeting.


Last week's US GDP data showed us that, according to a preliminary estimate, the US economy grew in 1. Q4 2023 by 1.1% year-on-year.


Wednesday's inflation in Australia showed us a decline, which in itself is negative news for AUD.


On Friday, we turned our attention to the Bank of Japan meeting, which did not bring any change as expected.

And what's in store for the current trading week?

The current trading week will be a bit more varied for incoming data.

On Tuesday morning (6:30) we have the RBA meeting, which is expected to pause, as we mentioned above.


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