Summary of the most interesting economic events from the trading week 11. - 17. September 2023

Here is our regular summary and outlook. This week will be very rich from a fundamental position and we expect bigger moves. So stay in the loop so you don't miss anything!


The most important event of the week was Thursday's ECB meeting, which surprised with a 25bp increase in the base interest rate.

In the group, we shared our trading outlook (long) on the EUR/AUD currency pair, which has entered the first zone of interest thanks to the ECB.


The British pound had a week full of bad data, to which it reacted by weakening.


Other interesting data we were waiting for were the US labour market and inflation numbers.


Thursday's data from the Australian labour market was negative for AUD and only supported our outlook on the EUR/AUD pair.

What's in store for the current trading week?

The current trading week will be very interesting from a fundamental position and we expect significant moves.

It will all revolve around inflation and central bank meetings. Here are the most important news stories we'll be focusing on this week:

Tuesday, 19. September: Eurozone (11:00) and Canadian (14:30) inflation rates

Wednesday, 20. September: UK inflation (8:00) and Fed monetary policy meeting (20:00)


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