A summary of the most interesting economic events from trading week 6. - 12. February 2023

Monday's recap is here! Read more about how stronger Canadian labour data impacted the Canadian dollar.

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Over the past week we have again received some weaker data from the UK, which continues to reinforce our belief that the UK is heading into recession.


On Tuesday, we focused on Fed President Jerome Powell's speech reacting to the recent positive labour market data. Powell mentioned that he did not expect the data to come out so strong.


On Friday, we got surprising data from the Canadian labour market, which followed the US one the previous week.


The most important event we focused our attention on was Tuesday's RBA meeting, which raised the base rate as expected.

And what's in store for the current trading week?

Earlier in the week we get UK labour market data (Tuesday 8:00) and the current US inflation rate (Tuesday 14:30), which could bring volatility to the market, and which we will focus on in detail.




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